A Guide For New Mums

A Guide For New Mums
Being a new mum is an incredibly exciting thing but can also be incredibly scary, it always helps to have a friendly source of information you can rely on to help you get through those early stages. We understand that there can be difficulties in between those amazing and exciting moments, which is why we’ve spoken to Louenna, a qualified nanny and maternity nurse who has translated her passion for children, helping mothers, and healthcare into a handy app. Giving you all the information you need in your back pocket. Nanny Louenna has kindly shared her top tips for new mothers in this guide to helping you feel most confident with your new baby.
After months of pregnancy there is nothing more exciting than holding your baby, looking into that precious little face and discovering who you’ve been growing!
Bringing your baby home comes with a huge mix of emotions - so much joy and love, but it can also be exhausting as you recover from birth.

My top tips for the first few weeks would be to focus on establishing a good feeding pattern and mastering the art of swaddling your little one when they sleep.

Accept any help offered from friends and family and do not be afraid of asking eager visitors not to visit straight away. Rest when you can but get at least one piece of fresh air a day - even if this is just sitting in the garden. Also remember to stay hydrated and eat well.

Use a notebook to jot down when your baby feeds, sleeps and has nappy changes. This will not only be amazing to look back on but is also helpful to see patterns developing. It is also important to make a daily note of how YOU are feeling, even if you just jot down a happy or sad face. Feeling emotional is completely normal and actually expected due to the huge changes your body is going through. However, if you continue to feel anxious or sad it may be more than just the baby blues and you must never feel guilty or embarrassed about talking to your partner, a friend, your health visitor or your GP.

Becoming a mum can feel overwhelming at times, and it is important to take a moment every day for yourself. A bath, a walk, listen to a piece of music, or simply have a cup of tea and sit in the sunshine.

Start to incorporate one piece of mindfulness into your day - this could be as simple as focusing on the feeling of the water on your skin whilst you shower. What does the temperature feel like? How do you know if the water is actually hot or cold, and what does this feel like? Before using a shower gel or face wash, take a deep breath and smell the product.

If you find yourself questioning whether you are a good parent, the fact that you are asking this means you are an AMAZING parent who only wants the best for their child. Enjoy this magical time with your new baby, it flies by so quickly so enjoy those amazing cuddles.
All of my advice on caring for yourself and a newborn can be found on the Louenna app - it’s the Nanny in your pocket, and guides you through everything from what to buy for your baby, to feeding, sleeping, and daily routines. There are video demonstrations on everything from changing a nappy to bathing and swaddling your baby. You can log their feed, nappy and sleep times and receive a summary of your little one’s day. Other chapters include Recovering From Birth, Mindfulness for Mums, Breastfeeding Smoothie recipes, activities for babies to aid their development and much, much more!
The Louenna app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play for just £4.99 a month

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