Celebrating the Holidays In Style, with Heather Taylor Home

Celebrating the Holidays In Style, with Heather Taylor Home

La Coqueta Founder & Creative Director Celia Munoz, has teamed up with Founder & Creative Director Heather from her namesake label to bring you all you need for styling your little ones and the home this holiday season

Read Our Interview with Heather Taylor Below

Heather, can you share with us some of your favourite holiday traditions that you cherish from your childhood and continue with your own family? 

So many! We always made Christmas cookies growing up and that is something I now love to do with my daughters. We set up a whole decorating station and it's very cozy and fun.

Could you tell us about any unique holiday rituals or customs that you've created with your daughters that make the season extra special?

Every year we make an entire evening out of going to the Nutcracker. We all get dressed up, go to dinner, and spend the evening with close friends going to the show. It's very magical and something my girls and I really look forward to. 

Many families have their own holiday recipes. Are there any special dishes or treats that you and your daughters enjoy making together?

Our go-to holiday treat is hot cocoa! I set up an entire hot cocoa bar with all of the fun add-ons. Flavored marshmallows, candies, syrups - the works! Decor plays a big part in setting the holiday mood. 

Can you describe the types of decorations that hold sentimental value for you and your family, and why?

Each year my husband and I started getting the girls ornaments that best represent the year that has gone by. It is so fun to decorate the tree and reflect on this year and the moments from years past.

In the spirit of gift-giving, what's your approach to selecting meaningful presents for your daughters, and do you have any memorable gifts you've exchanged over the years?

 I love to give them experiences - tickets to a Broadway show or a weekend away someplace close and special.

Music often plays a significant role during the holidays. Are there any songs or albums that hold a special place in your heart during this time of year?

My sister, Meg, has always had the best taste in music. She has made many holiday playlists over the years and they run on repeat in our house throughout the season! She has such a fun way of mixing in new songs to the list of classics to add a cheery feel. I also love the Nutcracker music and have it playing all season long. 

How do you and your daughters embrace the spirit of giving back during the holiday season? Are there any charitable activities or initiatives you participate in together?

Each year we participate in events to give back to the community at St. Joseph Center, specially organizing a gift drive and wrapping gifts for families in need.

As a mother, what are some of the most valuable lessons you hope to impart to your daughters during the holiday season?

The spirit of giving back.

Heath Taylor Home Collection for Idyll Wyld Plaid is available to buy now via their Website. 


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