Our Guide to Picking the First Shoes For Your Baby

Our Guide to Picking the First Shoes For Your Baby

Welcome to the magical world of parenthood with La Coqueta Kids, where we strive to provide your little ones with the best of luxury Spanish shoes, clothing, and accessories. As your baby takes those first steps towards exploring the world, choosing the right shoes becomes a crucial decision, and we understand can be quite confusing for new parents. Founded in 2013 by proud Spaniard and mother of five Celia Muñoz, La Coqueta is dedicated to crafting exquisite, high-quality products for babies and children from newborn to 10Y. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the essential factors to consider when picking the first shoes for your baby and when to get your baby's first shoes.

Understanding the importance of your Baby's First Shoes:

The first shoes your baby wears serve not just as a fashion statement but play a vital role in your little one's development. Baby's feet are soft and malleable, and the right shoes can aid in proper foot growth and alignment, with well-designed shoes offering the necessary support and protection as they begin to walk and explore their surroundings. La Coqueta offers a range of newborn knitted booties, soft-soled cruising shoes for pre-walkers and first walking shoes for little ones ready to take the leap.

Finding the right time to buy your Baby's First Shoes:

Determining the right time to buy your baby's first shoes can be a bit tricky, as every child is different and grows at different rates. Babies usually start taking their first steps between 9 and 18 months. It's essential to let them walk barefoot indoors during this initial phase as it helps in strengthening their foot muscles and developing balance. However, once they begin walking outside or on rough surfaces, it's time to invest in their first pair of shoes, with a flexible rubber sole to ensure their feet stay supported and protected during their adventures.

Seek expert guidance:

At La Coqueta Kids, we understand the significance of well-fitted shoes for your baby's growing feet. Seeking expert guidance from a professional children's shoe fitter can make a substantial difference. Our trained staff in-store at our Notting Hill flagship can measure your baby's feet accurately and help you find the perfect fit that allows natural movement while providing adequate support, or we have a handy guide online on How To Measure Children’s Feet For Shoes.


Prioritise comfort and flexibility:

Comfort should be the top priority when choosing baby shoes. Soft, breathable materials like high-quality leather allow for proper air circulation and prevent discomfort. Look for shoes like La Coqueta’s latest collection of Pre-Walker and First-Walker shoes with cushioned insoles and padded collars that gently support your baby’s delicate feet. Flexibility is equally vital in the early stages of walking. The shoes should bend easily at the ball of the foot, enabling your baby to move naturally, as rigid shoes can hinder their mobility and impede proper development.

The right size matters:

Babies’ feet grow rapidly, and choosing the right shoe size is essential to avoid discomfort and promote healthy foot development. Measure both feet, as they may not be the same size. Leave a thumb's width of space between the longest toe and the front of the shoe to ensure a proper fit. At La Coqueta Kids, we offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate your baby's growing feet starting from EU17 for cruising shoes like our Pram Mary Janes and Pram Booties, to EU26 for First Walker Shoes and up to EU36 for children’s shoes.

Consider ankle support:

When your baby starts taking those initial steps, they may need a bit of ankle support. Look for shoes with a high-top design like our Pram Booties or T-Bar Shoes that help stabilise their ankles and prevent potential injuries. However, the ankle support should not be too restrictive to allow natural movement.


Non-slip soles:

Babies are still learning to balance, and slippery soles can lead to accidents. Choose shoes with non-slip soles made from materials like rubber to provide good traction and stability. La Coqueta’s Mini Girl Mary Janes and Kid’s T-Bar Shoes have thick rubber soles that are lightly padded for extra support, ensuring your little one can explore all day long in total comfort.

Easy fastening:

Putting shoes on a wriggly baby can be quite a task. Look for shoes with easy fastening options like Velcro straps, fuss-free buckles or elastic laces that make it convenient to put on and take off the shoes quickly. La Coqueta’s Pram Mary Janes, Mini Mary Janes and T-Bar Shoes have handy buckle straps which can be adjusted for the perfect fit, or lace-up options include the Pram Booties and Inglesito Shoes.


Stylish and durable:

While comfort and functionality are vital, you don't have to compromise on style. La Coqueta Kids offers a stunning collection of fashionable and durable baby shoes that complement your baby's adorable outfits, crafted in Europe from locally sourced materials that are designed with durability and timelessness in mind. The high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship of La Coqueta’s shoes ensure that the shoes can withstand the wear and tear of active babies and toddlers.


Regularly check the fit:

As your baby's feet grow, their shoes might become tight. It's essential to check the fit regularly and replace the shoes when needed. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to foot problems and hinder their overall development. Learn how to measure children’s feet at home with La Coqueta’s handy guide, and check our Sizing Guides to ensure you’re purchasing the best fit for your baby.


Weather-appropriate shoes:

Consider the weather conditions when choosing your baby's shoes. During colder months, opt for shoes with warm and comfortable linings like Nappa leather and weather-resistant materials. In contrast, breathable and lightweight shoes and sandals are perfect for warmer days, like La Coqueta’s open-toe Toledo Sandals.


Trust your instincts:

As a parent, you know your baby best and what is right for them. Trust your instincts and observe your baby's comfort level with the shoes. If you notice any signs of discomfort, it might be time to reassess the shoe's fit and style. Our Client Services team are always on-hand to answer any questions you may have when picking the first shoes for your baby and can be contacted directly via Email or WhatsApp. Or alternatively, meet our Retail team at our Notting Hill flagship store and they’ll be more than happy to provide hands-on assistance when measuring and picking your baby’s first shoes. In conclusion, choosing the right first shoes for your baby is a significant milestone in their early development. At La Coqueta Kids, we understand and appreciate the importance of providing your little ones with the best care possible. Our exquisite collection of baby shoes offers the perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality to support your baby as they take those first steps towards exploring the world. Remember to prioritise comfort, flexibility, and the right fit to ensure your baby's feet are well-supported and healthy as they grow. Trust our expert staff to guide you through this special journey of picking the first shoes for your baby and cherish every moment as they embark on their adventure with La Coqueta Kids, and more importantly, help you to enjoy such an important milestone for your baby!

La Coqueta is a luxury children's clothing and accessory brand founded in 2013. Now in its 10th year as the go-to luxury brand for babies and children aged 0-10Y with a cult following of celebrities, editors, and Royals. Each collection is inspired by the legacy of Spanish craftsmanship and traditional design that Founder, Creative Director, and mother of five Celia Muñoz grew up with in her native Granada. Browse the latest collection at the Notting Hill flagship store in London and learn more online at https://www.lacoquetakids.com/.


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