Wash Wisely | The La Coqueta Guide To Sustainable Washing

Wash Wisely | The La Coqueta Guide To Sustainable Washing
Sustainability has been a growing focus over the last few years, with people changing consumption habits to help benefit the environment. As consumers we are now looking at the products we use with more scrutiny, and prioritising what is healthy for our families and healthy for the world. From ditching the plastic bags in favour of reusable totes, cutting back on single-use plastic and opting for organic and clean produce from socially responsible sources; a lot of us are making small but significant changes to our daily rituals in order to benefit the world around us, and more importantly our children’s future.

There’s no one-size-fits-all criteria for being more sustainable in your daily life, and we of all people know it can be difficult to implement big changes whilst raising a growing family. Between a full work schedule and a busy family life, there’s always one constant – laundry. 25% of a garment’s carbon footprint comes from customer care, and sustainable fashion practices go way beyond simply washing at 30. Want to reduce your environmental impact? Here’s our guide to simple, inexpensive changes you can make.

1. Wash Less

This may seem easier said than done with children, but it’s the first step in your journey to making more responsible laundry choices. Items of clothing that haven’t been worn next to skin usually don’t need washing after just one wear, unless your little one has got a little too familiar with the paint pots at school. Why create more work for yourself.

2. Be Cool

Always check the label first, as care labels state the highest temperature you can wash a garment at – not the recommended temperature. Protein stains (blood and sweat, aka playground casualties) can set into clothes when washed in hot water, and leave shrink or wrinkle fabric. Technological advances in washing machines and detergents have made cold-water washing a highly effective option, which also reduces your energy consumption and could even reduce your household bills!

3. Go Natural

It’s a no brainer that natural fibre clothing is less toxic to the environment than synthetic fibres - that’s why we use cotton, linen, silk, wool and cashmere in our products. Some products have to contain traces of synthetic fibres (like elastane, or polyamide for outerwear) to function and be long-lasting, but that only amounts to a very small part of our collections. Natural fibres are essentially plant materials, which means they will eventually decompose. We also use organic cotton, which is significantly more eco-friendly and uses less pesticides.

4. Hand Wash

Hand washing means extra work, but it’s a well-worth-it chore that gives extra life to those memorable items in your little one’s wardrobe. Cut your load down by prioritising those extra special items, like our Knitted Baby Sets which require more delicate attention.

5. Filter It

Synthetic materials are part of everyday life, whether it’s your nylon tights or polyester gym kit. Because they’re derived from plastic, synthetics need to be washed at a lower temperature to avoid damage (and sometimes melting). Invest in a garment bag to wash your synthetics in, to reduce the amount of microplastic fibres that are released in your wash, and back into the water supply.

6. Hang It

A tried-and-tested method which has been around for thousands of years, we’d like to reintroduce you to line drying. Save big on electricity, and cost, by hanging your clothes up to dry. If you don’t have an outside space, a warm airing cupboard does the trick.

7. Buy Better

And finally, the last topic on our agenda – buy better. Our collections focus on heirloom pieces made from high quality materials, that are designed to be cherished and passed down through the generations. Invest in your little one’s garments, and make more conscious decisions when it comes to longevity and seasonal-wear.

For more information on our garments and materials view here.

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